Hello, I'm Naomi.  I'm the weirdo behind Flatland, and other cartoony stuff (click above).
I started out as a biologist and then got into building museum exhibits, science writing and educational consulting. But I've always loved cartooning, ever since I set eyes on my Dad's anthology of Walt Kelly's Pogo, and then became obsessed with B.C., Calvin and Hobbes and most of all, The Far Side (which I would take to school and read to my physics teacher....okay, so I was a dork.)

Flatland was inspired by the critters I met while working in Saskatchewan's prairie wilderness.  Of course, their names have been changed to protect their privacy.  I live and work in Toronto now, who knew I'd love the downtown metropolis? There's no wilderness here, and I miss the sky, but there is an annual zombie walk where 3000 people dress up and lurch through the streets, which is pretty awesome.