Hello, I'm Naomi, creator of Flatland, and other cartoony stuff (click above). I started out as a biologist and then got into building museum exhibits, science writing and now screenwriting for kids' TV. But I've always loved cartooning, ever since I set eyes on my Dad's anthology of Walt Kelly's Pogo, and then became obsessed with B.C., Calvin and Hobbes and most of all, The Far Side (which I would take to school and show to my physics teacher....okay, so I was a dork.)

Flatland was inspired by the critters I met while working in Saskatchewan's prairie wilderness.  Of course, their names have been changed to protect their privacy.  I'm now living happily in Toronto with my husband, dog and two cats, but I'll always miss the prairie skies. Not so much the scraping frost off my car at 40 below though.